Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Herschel Store

if you are looking for some classy and comfortable bags in town, why not try this store that my kids love :-) we tried it and we are loving it :-)


Tokidoki Japan

had to take some photos of this super cute statue inside the mall :-)


La Lola

do you still remember this shakoy? this used to be my childhood favorite back in the province :-)
recently, this food stall called La Lola opened in some malls and surprisingly they have the improved version of that shakoy, and mind you, lines are always long

the classic
after trying it the first time, we always make it a point to buy one each time we are in SM Aura :-)

my personal favorite is their dulce de leche flavor, oh so yummy :-)

try it out yourself :-)

Love is in the little things...

when i saw these illustrations done of a Korean artist, it reminds me of how and what love is all about -loving someone even in little things everyday :-)

and so, love means...
hugging for no particular reason
covering one another up with a blanket
falling asleep together
 cooking together
 watching movies together until wee hours
 doing nothing together
 falling asleep on each other's shoulders
 looking at old photographs together
 caring for each other
 consoling each other
 arranging surprises
 kissing our partner tenderly on the forhead
 brushing teeth together
 offering your partner your ice cream
 baking tasty treats
 helping one another
 thinking about each other
 singing together
 ...and loving each other
i was reminded too of my relationship with my husband, we are not perfect but we've done all these too, and i am forever grateful to God for giving him to me to be my partner, my best friend, my confidante, my lover, my travel buddy, my boyfriend and my husband, a God's gift indeed rolled into one :-)

i do believe na "may forever"!!!