Monday, January 19, 2015

December 2014 Family Vacation: Sagada Day 3, Highest Point

now we are about to leave Sagada back to Baguio... magic moment! my kids are all big and heavy to carry at, but they still want to be carried :-)

there's this place in Benguet that we always stopped to and from to eat their special adobong baka, so yummy! grabe!!!

our land trip was indeed a beautiful day...another six hours drive!

before going back to Paul's house where we are about to stay, we dropped by in this place to buy some jams, but unfortunately, it was already sold out :-(
love this rainbow broom, wanted to order next time but will make it personalized, gift ideas on my mind :-)
don't you think?

December 2014 Family Vacation: Sagada Day 2, Sunrise Viewing

our last stop was supposed to be a sunrise watching at the top of the hill where the people gathered, but we came up early and the wind was so cold that our body can't take it, so we decided to just have a photo souvenir of the place :-)

freezing cold!!!
back to the cabin woods :-)

after dinner, we went to the bonfire festival held outside the Sagada town proper :-)
what a blessed day we had after :-)

December 2014 Family Vacation: Sagada Day 2, Pottery

we've heard that there is a pottery place in Sagada, so we did visited it too :-)

Alex, while waiting for her turn to do the pottery :-)
listening attentively to the instructions...
ready Alex...
now the lessons begins...

on her own...

yes, she did it beautifully :-) good job Naomi!
now, it's TJ's turn to potter

great job too son!!!

the adult's turn to potter, let's see how it turned out...

walay Krish ;-)

the teacher explained to her why she didn't make it...
your turn Roxette...

she didn't pottered the clay well come the kids are more efficient in pottery, because they have a soft touched of hands :-) better luck next time :-)

just paid 100 pesos/person/potter :-) all worth it :-)