Sunday, December 6, 2015

TJ's Swatch Watch

my son used to wear his Lego watch...until he lost it while playing
it took him sometime to buy a new one because he was saving for his another watch, from a daily baon of 150 pesos, how long would it take to save an 8,000 pesos watch? so one day as we were strolling inside the mall, i asked him if he really wanted the swatch watch, he said, "mom, my money is not yet enough to buy one"...then i told him, it's ok, because Daddy will buy it for you na :-) he was surprised and just excited to go to the store and choose his liking :-)

still can't decide which color he will choose
which is which
finally, after some thoughts

and some freebies

swatch store in megamall ground floor

thanking Daddy for blessing him, always

TJ's first adult watch

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