Monday, December 21, 2015

TJ's 12th Birthday

TJ was special...first, because before him, i had a son too but lost thru miscarriage at 7 months TJ was so taken cared of my entire pregnancy.

Second, because he was my constant companion during those times that i was lost, hurt and walking and doing my first step with my journey to recovery.

Thirdly, because he is my accountability partner, prayer partner and my listener during my happy and not so happy days.
Tj @ 3 months old
TJ @ 1

and now that he is celebrating his last year of childhood, at 12 - soon he will be a teenager already - he requested to...
day 1, Saturday keep on coming by to his all time favorite food place - Greenhills branch

Day @, Sunday - i asked him if we could drop by here (American Cemetery @ BGC) so we can have time to reflect on his birthday

back in Wing stop Makati

he bought some of his favorite chips here at healthy options Makati branch

Day 3, Wednesday - time to buy for his gifts

that includes

he chooses his own clothing too

requested to try - this...

and that :-)

and ended up having fun all day

when we arrived home...
it's his first time to taste pizza
time to make a wish son :-)
i always say that my children are lend to us by God to be taken cared of, loved and be nurtured...i pray that one day, you will be proud of us son, your parents for giving you all that and more :-) we love you to infinity :-)

ok ok ok, this is a very late post but thought it's worth posting for his future copy :-)

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