Monday, December 21, 2015

The Halal Guys SM Megamall Branch

we just tried the newly opened...

The Halal Guys are the pioneers of American Halal Food. American Halal Food features a flavor profile that can’t be replicated in any other cuisine format, featuring flawlessly cooked, premium quality Halal meats that are seasoned to perfection and a melting pot of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors that are sure to delight. Once you have had a taste, you will understand why New Yorkers and tourists alike have stood in the city’s longest food cart line (sometimes for hours) to get a hot, steaming platter of chicken or gyro over rice, covered in The Halal Guys famous, proprietary White Sauce.
The New York Post calls The Halal Guys “perhaps the city’s most famous open-air dining destination.” The Halal Guys is the #1 Most Yelped business in all of NYC, and in the Top 3 Most Yelped businesses in the entire US.

as always, people are curious, so the long line is endless
good thing on my side is this chair
Hani and I waited for 30 minutes to finally grasps the menu and check what's in there

so, this is how they do it here

our order, Gyro Combo in regular size...
my mistakes, i should have ordered one...why? regular serving is good for two plus my taste buds doesn't like it, for me, it tasted like an indian food...
...and the price was too hight, i should have eaten in pepper lunch where everything is good and price is reasonable :-)

after a month, i passed by their stall and just less than 7 costumers are buying.

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