Monday, December 21, 2015

Sophia The First All Around

Alex asked us to buy her the new sets of Sophia the First toys...

why she love her? here's the reasons...
1. She Basks in Wonder, Not Doubt - Each time something oh-so spectacular happens i Sophia's world, she's ready to embrace it. She's not presumptuous, but she does appreciate beauty, magic, and opportunity.
2. She Rights Her Wrong - Nobody is perfect - even princesses. sofia is willing to come to the realization she's made a mistake, then takes responsibility to fix it.
3. Girls Can Do It Too - Sofia respects authority, while challenging tradition. When she joins in with the boys, she does it with feminine strength and flair. and she's willing to work just as hard, if not harder than them to succeed.
4. She's Independent, But Has A Strong Ties - Sofia is willing to go out on her own to try new things, but she never does it at the expense of her personal relationship. She has strong bonds with here family, friends and animal buddies.
5. She Listens to Her Mother - ...and her Fairy Godmother. and other authority figures. She takes guidance and puts it to good use to become a better person.

While material beauty surrounds Princess sophia, she's teaching girls and boys that being a good person is what matters most :-)

are these toys worth it to our little girl, yes!

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