Sunday, October 18, 2015

El Nido, Palawan March 2015 Ipil Suites

two weeks before our trip, i already booked our hotel for our entire week of stay in El Nido and we have no other place in mind that we wanted to stay rather than here...

we got the suite room

remember we had our dinner on our first night near the sea side, we regret that. why? because the best food is here inside the hotel, from breakfast, to lunch until dinner, wow, naubos na ata namin ang menu nila during our  5 days stay here

this calamares is to die for...until today, whenever my son order a calamares in a particular restaurant, he always compared it to this particular calamares, ang sarap :-)

Alex favorite :-)
this is free dessert on each meal and i always asked for this, super dooper yummy :-)

sa sarap ng mga bread, nag babaon ako after breakfast :-) they are so generous in the serving too :-)

walang katapusang calamares, bow!

guess what, because of the good food being served each meal, we already talked to the chef that we will hire him and will pay him even above his salary in this hotel, but to no avail, because he cannot leave his wife who is also working here as a waiter, he said. and we understand. 

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