Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Minions Happy Meals Toys

as soon as i saw this flyer online, i asked TJ to complete this for me :-)
so he and his dad went to a nearby branch and found out that you can get the complete set by buying an advance coupon with food attached, the food you can consumed on a specific days stated, at the price of 940 pesos
and after a week of waiting, the minions arrived in full force :-)

she just cried because she keeps on insisting that she will open it already, i asked her not to and wait for her brother so they can open it blessed that she obeyed :-)
now, meet the cast :-)

all in all, we have 4 sets of minions completed, one for us, one we will give to my younger sister Rio, one for my friend's son and the other one set, we haven't decided whom to give :-)

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