Saturday, June 20, 2015

10 Reasons Why He Is A Great Father

RVT to his friends, Hani to me and Daddy to his children. He is not perfect at all, but he is surely what this 10 reasons...i asked my children to describe their father and i summarized it to these...

1. He first love Christ - forget about the old him, he is a new creation who love God above all else. One morning, TJ told me: Mom, i'm now like Daddy, i read the Bible everyday :-)
2. He finds time to spent quality time with his wife and modeled to his children - He illustrate the importance of professing his love for their mother in front of them.
 3. His family is his sanctuary - in moments of happiness and success along with trials and challenges, he is beside us, no friends around, no business partner no extended family, it's just us that he is clinging to
 4. He is a hands-on Dad - yes, apart from his busy schedules each day, he is there whenever possible.

 5. He is supportive in his kids passion - although he may be a basketball fanatic, if his son doesn't share his love for the game, he accept it and join his kids gusto.
 6. He is responsible and a good provider - he grew up in a poor family so he work hard to provide comfortably to his family , his greatest achievement is sending his children to the best school in town

 7. He challenges his kids - he wants his children to be the best they can be, and gives them challenges that help them grow as a human beings.
 8. He spends quality time to his children - and quantity too. He knows how to have fun with his kids.
 9. He shows unconditional love - even though he gets upset sometimes at his children's faults and may lament that they did not attain what he hoped for them, he loves his children no less for it.
 10. He leads by example - he is above the old "do as I say, not as I do" credo. children look up to their parents, whatever they see in them, they will follow
Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!

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