Saturday, May 9, 2015

5 Things I Learned From My Naomi

In Luke 18:17 - Whoever does not accept and receive and welcome the kingdom of God like a little child (does) shall not in any way enter it (at all).

Did you notice it says little? As children get older, even they begin to have the ability to complicate things. But when they're really little, there's just none of that.

Little children aren't complicated/ They don't live their life trying to impress anyone. And they can teach us a lot about how to enjoy life :-)

My Naomi is still 5 years old as of today - she will be turning 6 in a few days - let me share with you the 5 things i've learned from this little girl :-)

One - Let things go...
one thing about children is they are extremely forgiving. one minute they can be fighting over a toy and the next minute they're hugging.

i can tell you that hating people is complicated and it's hard work. you can carry a grudge and a bitter, resentful, mad and offended. and every time you see "that person" you can cringe inside and you can talk about them behind their back or you can spare yourself the trouble.

listen, don't waste the rest of your life sulking about some unfair things happened to you. get yourself off your mind...and simplify.

a number of people have hurt me in some way or another, to the point that it almost ruin my life...then i met Christ, i was reminded that He too was hurt by people (us), He even uttered "Father, forgive them for they don't know what they are doing"... whenever someone intentionally wronged me, i just go back to the Cross.

Two - Be a dreamer...
Another thing children do that makes their lives simple is that they so easily believe. they believe in magic and fairytales. they have no problems coming up with imaginary playmates or imagining life to be amazing and fantastic.

if you asked Alex about Jesus, she will always answered you that "Jesus is in my heart, He listen to my prayers Mom, He even play with me whenever i play"

Now, we adults know she was just feeling her heartbeat, but that little childlike spirit felt God inside her! and when you think about it, she was right because a beating heart is a sign that life is in you.

As adults, we need to move into the supernatural realm and start dreaming again. We need to create joy in our own lives. It's right and privilege we have as children of God, but it's a decision we must choose to make.

Looking back, i only dreamt of being a mom and a wife and live a simple life. but God had other plans, He exceeded my dreams, i still am a mom, a wife, living a simple life but now i have purpose to it, a meaningful one. And because i felt the blessings and grace from God, i should be a blessing to someone giving extra grace :-)

Three - Pick up your toys...
Some of us can simplify our lives very easily, even without using our imaginations.

For one thing, we can go home and clean up our rooms. Keep the stuff you use and keep the stuff you love. but give away what you're holding on to for someday because odds are when you need it, you won't remember where you put it.

Did it happened to you, when you did something awful and it hit you when you least expect it? then you realized you learned your lessons, picked up the good ones and forget all the hurts and shame and let go of the things that does not matter? because it did happened to me and now i'm walking with the Lord :-)

Four - Focus your attention...
Another way you can simplify your life is to practice doing one thing at a time. multitasking may be popular, but the Bible tells us to give our mind to what we are doing (Ecclesiastes 5:1)

To us woman, we always tend to do that, in fact we are better in multitasking, that's our unique skills, don't you agree?! but i was reminded that when you just focus on one task, you tend to do your best and your whole heart is onto it, and the results was much higher and exceptional.

Five - Ask your Father...
Finally, you can simplify your life just by trusting that God loves you and hears your prayers. Philippians 4:6 says, Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God.

If you want something, ask Him for it. if it's right, He'll give it to you. if it's not, just know He has something better for you in mind.

It really is that simply! I encourage you to stop questioning God with your mind and start trusting Him with your heart.

Be a little more childlike in your approach to life. who knows... you may just feel Jesus beating in your heart :-)

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