Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Luljetta's Hanging Gardens And Spa, Antipolo City

i've been reading a number of good reviews about this place who happens to be just 20 minutes away from our place...had our reservation 2 days before (i'm glad i did because that day was full pack) and went there around 11 am.

the reception was too small to accommodate the guests, we happened to come early that's why only few are here

i don't get it, but i don't know why they have to tell the guest to wear this batik robe, i just makes me uncomfortable :-(

han and the kids love the fish spa, a plus

at the reception, i instructed the receptionist to serve our food at 2 pm, guess what, they serve it at 12 noon where we are at the middle of starting and the food sucks and expensive :-( - a minus

their favorite...

pools are a plus plus :-) except that it was so cold, it took me awhile to try and swim

the very narrow path is a minus, too dangerous to the kids especially if the feet are wet :-(
but the garden views are another plus

i love this spot :-)

we paid a thousand for each adult and 800+ for each kids, and the food for a total of 5,000++...is it worthy to go and spent that much? NO, i should have brought my kids in a hotel with a swimming pool  and had an overnight.

visit their facebook at Luljetta's Hanging Garden

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