Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kids Graduation March 2015

Last March, TJ and Alex had their respective closing ceremonies in their school.

I remember, TJ started going to the big school at the age of 2 and now, at the age of 11, he already finished his lower school :-)

Photos here were taken during his pre school graduation, also in the same school where he just had his graduation :-) how time flies, i miss my baby boy!!!

3 days before the program, he handed me an invitation...
i happened to take some photos of him during and after the ceremony (for they have their own photographer, so no need actually to take one)
noticed TJ's barong, a little shorter over the others, why? because we didn't bought a new one, even his pants was old, his shoes was torn, had to go to mr quicky to fix it though...but what i'm proud of my son is that he never complained nor grumbled of us not buying him a new one, he even said, Mom, it's ok, sayang ang money if you buy pa :-) even if we can afford to give him that, just like the education, i wanted to teach my children to be content of whatever is on hand and i'm glad he learned his lessons well :-)
seeing my son walking down the path, i can't help by cry - proud and blessed - all my sacrifices of being a full time mother was all worth it...many times i wanted to go back working professionally, but thank God i listened to my husband not to, so i can focus on my family especially my kids :-)

see what the school says about his yearbook statement :-)
after the program, TJ just wanted to go to Mang Inasal for a treat (such a very humble wish) but we brought him to one of our favorite korean resto in Pasig :-)
my boys! hey TJ, you're more handsome than your Dad :-)
a male version of me :-)

3 weeks apart, this time it's our Alex's pre-school graduation ceremony
Alex requested just TJ to put on her medals, but when the two of them went to the stage, Daddy had to sneaked out in going there because he was so proud of his girl and can not missed this moment :-)

sooner, you will be graduating in your lower school too just like your brother, and i just want to make the most of all the years that will come by :-) so proud of you my mini me :-)

thank you Hani for sending our children to the best school, for providing them with good education and for being a very responsible, loving and generous father :-)

and because it's almost lunch time when we finished Alex's program, went to Megamall and tried this resto called...

for all this events, i thank God for all the provision and grace. To You all the glory :-)

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