Monday, April 6, 2015

December 2014 Family Vacation: Vigan, Crisologo Museum

part of our vigan itineraries is visiting the Crisologo Museum...the kids that are with us surely do not know who this family is, but us adult we partly knew them.
entering their ancestral house reminds us how affluent, powerful, famous and tragic the family were.
Bingbong Crisologo story was portrait by Rudy Fernandez, congressman in Ilocos turned charismatic preacher. His father was killed inside the church while his mother was ambushed while pregnant that time to her son, Bullet (because he survived the assassination) all allegedly because of political rivalry.

i love visiting old and ancestral houses solely because it brings me back into a time where lifestyle is still simple and plain.

mirror mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all :-)

a pillow rack, we once had this back home :-) hmmm, can i have a similar rack in our new house?!

wood carving all around :-)

a wooden ref? brilliant furniture :-)

i once used this kind of iron back home in the province :-)
do you know what pig system toilet means?
to demonstrate :-)

one of the family's collection is this...

so what's in your house that you will forever remember? 

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