Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Celebrating My 38th Birthday

each year, i prefer to celebrate my special day with just my love ones, my family - why? because i wanted to spent it instead on travels plus i bought some very expensive kitchen appliances for our new house and also i'm still saving for some signature furnitures to add on too, but this doesn't mean that we will just stay at home...my day was spent this way :-)

early dental appointment of TJ for his braces adjustment...

and i specifically requested for a halo-halo in mang inasal, it was so so so delicious :-)
went to the fort, do some window shopping then after we went to ...

an all organic food was served :-) trying to be healthy as i grow older :-)

Hani took this, and i felt loved :-)

brought the kids home and time for me and Hani to have a date in a bar, tag along a couple who are a dear friend of ours...and had our night full of laughter because the show is all about comedy cartel :-)
age ain't noting but a number :-)

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