Monday, January 19, 2015

December 2014 Family Vacation: Baguio Day 1

we're supposed to go on a holiday vacation just the four of us but later on, we decided to tag along the talagtag kids to join us so we could spent more time bonding together, thank God we did, it was a super fun family bonding indeed...

since almost all hotels are fully booked as per inquiry that time, was blessed to lent us the condo place of TJ's former classmate in Baguio for a day since the next morning, we will be traveling to Sagada.

the kids and us meet up in our place at 3:30 am on December 25, 2014 and at exactly 4 am we left the took us only 4 1/2 hrs to travel to Baguio, wow that was fast, haven't noticed it though since i was asleep the whole time, hubby was the one driving :-)

Hani and the kids...among them, only two are not included, Ronalyn (who's currently in the US and ) Andrew (who was not permitted to join us by his mom )...looking back, i was amazed that they are all grown up :-)

Roxette, a nurse, brought her partner and her son too :-)
in the afternoon of that arrival day, we spent it in wright park...

yaya and alex :-)
time for dinner, had it in Paul and Joan's place in La Trinidad, they prepared sumptuous feast for all of us :-)

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