Sunday, November 16, 2014

South Africa May 22013: Cape Town - Cape of Good Hope, Day 2

after the Cape Point, our last stopped for the day is the most south western point of the african continent :-)

ostrich on the road?!

it's winter but my little Naomi was just so happy to roam around and play :-)

time for photo ops :-)

and of course, our day won't be complete without having some food to eat in this restaurant on our way back to the city. What a tiring day we had :-)


South Africa May 2013: Cape Town - Cape Point, Table Mountain National Park, Day 2

after Kirstenbosh National Botanical Garden, we went to the popular place called Cape Point :-)

stopped by the road side to checked what's at the beach...
they called this man a shark guard :-) interesting isn't it? his job is to make sure he guarded the people at the beach from the attacked of sharks (africa has a lot of them) by sitting in his area where he can see if one is coming nearby :-)

beautiful table mountain :-)

finally here :-)

Alex and me are not that brave enough to go up the point so we both just settled at the ground while watching my boys going up :-)

he can't even see what's down him...