Friday, October 31, 2014

A Letter Post From Alex

how do you write a letter to your love ones? this is how she does it, from paper, to wall, and even to her body arms and legs and recently in the white board :-)

Art Work by Manuel Gonzales

it was April 2014 when i saw this post in Soleil Ignacio's instagram, i searched for the artist who made this and contacted him, yes, Manuel Gonzales did replied and agreed to commissioned us :-)
what a small world indeed, he happens to be an officemate of my friend :-)
 here are just some of Mano (Manuel's nickname) art works (grabbed from his tumblr)

 i agree, don't you?...
 last night, Mano handed me this, it was already finished last August but both of us can't just have a perfect time to meet up :-)

you can contact him in this number 09175338665

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sky High Gym

ever wonder where i go to exercise? here...

a dear friend of mine is a part owner of this gym...

what i love about this place is so private...people really go here to exercise :-)

Han is into training under Coach Justine

love your body folks  and it will love you back :-)