Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Vietnam December 2013: Cu Chi Tunnel Part 2

how to make a wrapper in their native place :-)

hehehe, he tried it himself :-)

time to go underground...i'm a claustrophobic, i don't have the nerve to go inside...

too norrow, why? Vietnamese are small and petite people...

after 7 mins, he cant move forward anymore, so he decided to stop the trail and go up...

tasted their root crops and it was delicious...kamoteng kahoy version ng Pilipinas

he should go down with only his neck and head on the top, but because he is a little big fat, di nagkasya :-) and ended up like this posed :-)

shops before the exit
i wanted it buy it all but no extra budget :-)

ended up buying this candle holder instead :-)