Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Book/Comics Addict

since TJ started his schooling in this chinese school who requires each students to read a number of books every summer vacations, he fell in love with books...and i can't count how many he has, maybe if i have more time, ill gather it all together and take some photos to share :-) for now, i'll be sharing his current reads :-)

i promised him i'll find the book 5 of this series...
he is now in book 5 of this series :-)

recently, TJ told me that his classmates calls him, "book addict" because every where he goes, he has a book on his hand ready to be read when he does nothing :-)

2 weeks a go, he bought this comics in fully booked Powerplant mall for more than a thousand, a what? he paid it from his saved allowance :-)
but equally important that he never skipped to read is his Bible :-)
do you read your Bible everyday? you must, for it's God's way of communicating with us plus you're not doing God a favor when you read your Bible, you're doing yourself a favor!

Vietnam December 2013: Ben Nay Cuisine

after exploring the Cu Chi Tunnel, our tour guide brought us here for lunch, its like 5 minutes away from the tunnel...to make sure you'll have a table, tell your tour guide to book you in advance :-)

this is Ms. Kim, a very nice, kind, accomodating, resourceful tour guide...
you can contact her here...

Hani's favorite :-)

Eat Fresh Hong Kong Street Food

we've known this street food place in San Juan thru our d-group friend...we were here last saturday for another food trip date :-)

 every food is super yum yum :-)

we will surely coming back even if it takes often :-)