Friday, November 7, 2014

10 Things Revealed

what you are about to read is a tidbits of who i am :-)

1. while almost everyone are into coffee everyday, i don't...never tasted one! - i don't know why...but what i do know is that, anything that people crave, i don't wanna taste it, i don't wanna be doing the things that they are crazy about.
2. soda's are prohibited at home, in short i don't drink any form of it and i make sure, my love one's too! aside from the truth that it is NOT heathy, it's what people love to drink, see, i don't go with the norm...guess what? water is where my heart is, always :-)
3. i must admit, i can't live without my Diprogenta ointment...why? whenever i was bitten by ANY insects, my skin immediately produced sensitive - this drug helped me address that and i am using this since i was in grade 3...and i am using it too to my kids to date :-)
4. i don't watch TV. Period!...but i am addicted to watching movies and TV series :-)
5. i buy a number of magazines each month and put it at the restroom because that's the only place where i read it all :-) husband, my children are following me too :-) or i should say, i taught them that, reading while doing something in the bathroom makes you at rest, you know what i mean?!
6. i am not an animal lover (of any kind)...i tried, i husband used to have a number of dogs, rottweiler, belgian malinois, golden retriever, you name snake, birds, iguana rabbit, aquarium fishes, cats...but i just don't like all of them inside our house...poor husband, he disposed it one by one.
7. i don't own any piece and parcel of a make up kit/set...because i know that i am beautiful without it :-) i JUST use my long time friend, a baby powder to put on...and whenever i'm about to be attending a party (that i seldom do), i go to my trusted make up artist :-)
8. i use a mixture of hot and cold water to bath...meaning, i don't bath with cold water at all...that's the reason why i don't swim in a usual pool - they all have cold water -
9. i am a collector of...
mcdonald happy meal toys - started it when TJ was 1 :-)
while my husband is a Hot Toys collector,  i'm into hot toys cosbaby :-) - started collecting it like 5 years ago, one of my best friend is the authorized distributor/seller of Hot Toys in the Philippines and she introduced this to me :-)
and my kimmidolls :-) my kids used to asked me why i love this wooden dolls...i was deprived of owning a dolls growing up, was my replied...this dolls will surely not run off nor will never tear down  :-)

i will surely share this entire collection very soon, after we transferred to our new house where they are all neatly arranged :-)
10. i am an...
finished my...
in one of the top graduate school in the country...
and finished the nursing school too.
but i never got the chance to practice it all professionally because i chose to be a full time wife and mom ...that manages and takes care of my God given family and i am forever grateful to be doing the greatest job of all :-)
why i am sharing all this?...i am not a writer and i am not aspiring to be blog is basically a big photo album where i share my life, my travels and everything that i love :-)

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