Monday, September 15, 2014

TJ @ 11

September 7, 2003 when i gave birth to a son via CS in Los Banos Laguna...
at one year old

at two years old
at three years old
at four year old
at five years old
at six years old
at 7 years old
unfortunately, all the photos during his 8th birthday celebration with his classmates and friends was destroyed ...
at nine years old
at ten years old with the GALA kids
a collection of adventure time was his gifts then :-)
when he just turned eleven years old this year, September 7, made my life more meaningful and purposeful son. I thank God each day for the blessing of being your mom and i pray that you will always be a blessing to the people around you, that God will always be glorified in all your plans, dreams, decisions, and moves.

have a blessed year ahead of you :-)

to God be all the glory and thanksgiving!

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