Monday, September 15, 2014

Saying Sorry

the other day, Ronald and i have an arguments regarding my bills to my dentist that he forgot to pay. I was upset because of all the bills he needs to pay, that particular one is important to me. I say things that i know i should not utter. And forget to realized that my daughter, Alex is with us in the car who surely heard our exchanging arguments...

When i arrived home, i kept quite and still not on a speaking terms with Ronald. Suddenly, Alex sat beside me and said.
Alex: Mom, you say sorry na to Dad
Me: Can i say sorry tomorrow? i'm still mad at him
Alex: No Mom, you should say sorry now. Remember, when me and TJ is making away, you tell us to say sorry kaagad and i do it!
Me: hmmm (still i don't want to follow Alex, so i just told her...) Ok later
Alex: Promise me Mom you will say sorry later...pincky promise?!
Me: (i have to response in pincky promise too with her)


i was about to go upstairs when Alex saw me again
Alex: Mom, where are you going?
Me: i'll go to our room, will take a rest
Alex: Mom you said you'll say sorry na?
Me: later (still avoiding Alex and Ronald)


while i was resting in the bed, Ronald came in the room and lay on the bed too when Alex came in, went to the bed, lay down beside us and said...
Alex: Mom, i havent heard you saying sorry pa...say sorry na Mom
Me: (still not talking)
Alex: Mom, please say sorry na to Dad
Me: ok, Sorry Hani
Alex: Dad, you say sorry to Mom also
Ronald: i already said sorry kanina pa
Alex: i didn't hear you
Ronald: Sorry Hani (looking at me)

And i saw Alex how joyful she is upon seeing us, me and her dad, loving each other again (hugging and kissing)

Alex: Dad, Mom, dapat lagi kayong ganyan ha
Me and Ronald: laughing


i wonder how God felt whenever we did something that hurt Him and kept on telling us (also thru the Bible) that we should need to ask forgiveness to all our sins,  from little things to big issues, and yet we keep on avoiding Him and worst, convincing ourselves to the adage that why will i say sorry when it's not my fault but other's...

i was reminded that whoever's fault, whatever reasons it is, it's my decision to ask for forgiveness to God and to the person involved. i should not wait God to remind me of it, because most of the time, God do it in a trials, problems, test, for me to realize that i have to obey. Equally important is that, how can God forgive our sins if we haven't forgiven others, the prayer said, Lord forgive us our trespasses as we forgive others who trespass against us.

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