Thursday, September 25, 2014

Alex's Birthday In School

she was born on May 27...and we celebrated her 5th birthday in Shangrila Hotel and Aquatico Resort last May, remember?!

but guess what, she celebrated her "birthday" again last September 22, she just wanted it, though, in a Princess Sophia theme :-)

i asked the help of a friend to make her gown and paid 4,500 pesos

and her Sophia cake in a chocolate flavor :-)

baked by them, and paid 6,000 pesos

our IT employee at the office just design this tarp and had it printed for 350 pesos

to entertain the kids, i hired Zam for 8,500 pesos in just an hour

just ordered chicken spaghetti with ice tea in Jollibee for their food that cost 3,200 pesos

i forgot to take the photos of the give aways, but this balloon and all the give aways that i bought in a store in QC cost me 3,800 pesos
prizes for the games from Toy Kingdom cost 2,000
mommy duties
wearing comfortable Jeffrey Campbell boots
after the party in school we went to Megamall
to buy her a Barbie gift that cost a thousand :-)

spent 30,000 pesos for an hour of party, is it worth it? definitely, everything for my mini me :-)
wanted to thank God for all the provision and everything in between :-) to God be the glory!

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