Friday, July 11, 2014

For My Naomi

we didn't planned to have her, she just came, like a miracle and from my deepest silent prayer...and everything changed when she came! what a joy!

Where do i start? Because she knows so much. she's growing up too fast. I could sit here and list all the things she knows like i've done before. How she tells stories and jokes and makes up songs and dances. And how she's at day in school and everyday she comes home with a new chart. A new dance. A new story. A new friend. I could talk about the art she makes and the letters she writes and the books from the bookstore we read. I could tell you how she now loves the water and will swim by herself (with her life jacket on, i know it's not like she's really swimming, but when you watch your little girl all by herself in the pool, you can't help but think that time is slipping away)...

And time is slipping away. That's life. So enjoy it. Before it's all gone. And now i think about writing this blog as my little girl get older, she just told me last night that "Mom, i'm not a little girl anymore, i'm a big girl now"...And what this girl will know then. Because it already feels like she knows too much. And i can't stop her from growing up...just this afternoon, she told me while we were at the mall, "Mom, when i'm a lady already, you can borrow my shoes, my bags, jewelries and if you like it, i will give it to you"...and before i know it, she'll be interested in boys (i often pray for his future husband ever since)...and she'll be going to high school and looking at colleges and eventually leaving us. Do you know the story of "I Love You Forever!" that's one of her favorite story, and often times she tells me that she will take care of me and her Daddy when we get old just like in the story :-) ...But for now, she's still my little girl at 5 years old. Who wakes up way too early. Maybe that's something i could look forward to. Sleep. And retirement.

this is the first time she cuts her hair since birth :-)

new dance steps :-)

first tooth erupted last May 2014
modeling here and there...

now here she is :-)

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