Friday, June 13, 2014

Singapore May 2014 - Concorde Hotel & Travel Delight Tours

why Singapore this summer? short flight (for im still scared of long flights after our accident), it has a number of theme park for the kids, and much cheaper if we will go to Japan - still saving for that :-), but ultimately, Krish and Uriel's first travel with us too :-)...chose the midnight flight, cheaper that way :-)

my son has always been a bookworm...

in fairness, they have the best food now :-)

while every one is asleep, i saw my son still busy with some activities in his book...

since Krish and Uriel are with us, our travel is now doubled...look at our air flights fare :-)

at 2 am in hotel's lobby

got 2 adjusting room for 4 adults and 2 kids...

she bought some stuff in Universal Studio park

and she's now starting to build her own lego friends :-)
keroppi in McDonald happy meal singapore
for 5 days, this is our bill
current exchange rate is at 36 pesos, 84,060 in peso equivalent...price is ok and reasonable compared to other hotel, plus Concorde Hotel is at the center of all the malls in Singapore
Travel Delight arranged our tour, from transportations, all our entrance tickets and the like
and paid this in total to them, 91,191 in pesos equivalent...mind you, they are much cheaper over buying to the counter of the places we visited

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