Sunday, April 6, 2014

Cambodia December 2013: Ta Prohm

probably the best temple for us, not to mention that part of the scenes in the Tomb Raider movie aka Lara Croft was shot here...checking our ID again

this place was amazing. the combination of the growing trees, their branches and roots and the concrete of the temple formed an unique beautiful construction. its simply incredible to see how nature takes its own course if things are left behind...

we cannot imagine how Ta Prohm was before, without all the trees around it, beneath it, surrounding it. all we can say is that we don't think the temple would be so special without them. even if it doesn't have  so many carvings and details as Angkor Wat.

seeing the overgrown trees on temple rocks made me think - nature is powerful. we try so much to change the natural environment to suits us , but then in the end, our efforts remain only for as long as nature lets it. the beauty of Ta Prohm is that the trees have reclaimed the temple land as it once was - their own. this is the power of nature . it is silent, patient and seemingly passive, but it endures.

look up :-)

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