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Cambodia December 2013: Bayon Temple

after our Ta Prohm Angkor Wat tour, we had our lunch in this Cambodian restaurant...from the outside you will see a lot of foreigners eating and trying their dishes but when our turn to taste it, oh my, i can't even swallow the food that we ordered...good thing we ordered the buko juices...all the foods that we ordered, we didn't even touched advise, please find other restaurant near the Ankor

on our way to Bayon Temple...

...we saw a wedding photo ops nearby...had to checked it out and posed with them too :-)
guess what, they are wearing a traditional Cambodian wedding outfit :-) cute no!

entrance to the Bayon Temple...

we saw this lady trying to go up but never did make it...
so Han tried it himself and he made it...stairs are so stiff that it's hard to climb going up

finally :-)

and for me, i have to settle downstairs :-)

Angkor Wat is so well known as the largest temple in the ancient world, but equally worth visiting and one of the most beautiful temples in our experienced is Bayon.
some of the steps going up can be very steep so be prepared

framework :-)

upon climbing up, we were so amazed to be in the middle of so many serene faces. Said to be based on Hindu numerology. each tower has 4 faces facing the cardinal directions North, South, East and West. Faces that are said to be either of King Jayavarman the 7th (their most compassinate King), the Lord Gautama Buddha (the enlightened one) or Avalokiteshvara (a great spirit). I say they are all beautiful. Each one having a positive mysterious Mona Lisa smile :-)

this is how their houses look like according to our tour guide...
each stones are arranged in the matter of sequence...nothing holds them together except itself.

they carved this to show how they work back then


sideway...he can't get enough of it, so he bought some of them

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