Monday, February 10, 2014

Vietnam December 2013: War Remnants Museum

unlike other museum, this one's packed to the punch, it was well worth the ticket...located in the center of Saigon.

there are a lot of visuals in this museum, which help us understand more about what really happened during the American-Vietnam War. it showed the side effects of war, the many people, old and child alike who were killed like ants, the other nations condemning Vietnam and the like...memories of the war is fresh in here.

it is always quite shocking to be reminded of human capacity of torturing and killing, especially as it is so hard not to remember it many times, and trying hard to think otherwise, seeing the good in others and oneself...

Han made it a point to check each photos, mesmerizing it. but i can't...i just can't comprehend how the war of two countries end up like this...

view from the outside...

lesson learned: no matter what the misunderstanding are, don't resolve it with war

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