Monday, February 10, 2014

Vietnam December 2013: Lacquerware Painting

what is Lacquerware?...the laquer itself is actually the resin of a tree which is mixed with coloured pigments and solvents and applied layer after layer to the objects surface, producing a shiny and durable finish. Other substances such as eggshell and gold leaf, and may be applied to the surface before the lacquer is applied, in which case, the finished product is sanded down to reveal the decoration beneath...

good thing, our tour guide dropped us by in our of Vietnam's lacquerware store that sells really beautiful pieces, but unfortunately, they don't allow camera inside...
except their production process where i had the chance to take some photos of them working...everything is a labor of hard work, passion and love :-)

this is what we bought, a painting made of egg shells :-) this cost almost 9,000 pesos

packing the painting carefully...

ready for hand carry :-)

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