Monday, February 17, 2014

Blue Cross Travel Insurance

for the longest time, we don't buy separate personal travel insurance, we only have one from the agency where we bought our trip package...but ever since we had our Cambodian hot air balloon accident, i make sure to buy one...a dear friend recommended Blue Cross...and since then, we are already their constant customers...

in blue Cross, you will only buy your travel insurance a week before your travel, the cost is in an individual price, you just have to give them your date of travel, the places you will go to, and they will give you choices on what kind of insurance you will get, as an advise, always get the highest and comprehensive's the sample of our's in our Cambodia-Vietnam December 2013 tour...

just paid this amount for each one of us :-)
call my agent, Venus at 09189057872 :-)


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  2. Ours is a Philippine travel insurance provider. I’m not worried though because their coverage includes both international and domestic travels. The good thing about this is that it’s available to travellers up to 80 years old.

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