Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Wellness Center Executive Package - The Medical City

we're supposed to have our body checked every year but because some tests requires radiation, we decided to have it every 3 years, had my previous one last 2010 with the same packaged...

i was scheduled last January 21, 2014 for my medical tests. Went there at 9 am - and had my fasting 12 hours before...
i got the Lady Care 1 package :-)

as always, i'm the first to be test, soon after i get my results, Han will follow :-)

my long time ob gyne, Dr. Florante Gonzaga, consultant of The Medical City and former president of the said association in the Philippines was early that day, so he had me checked first :-)...i prefer male doctor to take care the woman details especially my pregnancy because they are gentle and much more understanding over female doctors :-)
pap smear extraction test...
CBC test

Physical Exam
ultrasound of all my internal organs
had my breakfast and lunch soon after the ultrasound test, with a piece of tuna sandwich, banana and water :-)
2D Echo
pasilip :-)

change robe for my breast ultrasound

had to come back again yesterday, January 27,2014 for the continuation of the test...

mammography, i already deferred this last week because the hospital's new policy is that one should only have this test when she's 40 years old, but i had mine when i was 33 and another this year, and the doctors said i might overly exposed to radiation already including my arm x-ray 2 times a month...but after days of re-thinking and asking my husband's wisdom, he said i needed to undergo this test for this is the most important of all the test required of me, so i did :-)
and the last examination? treadmill stress test :-) i had a 2 hours fasting before this particular procedure...

results are on its way, so for now, i am consecrating my life to the Father who made me...will post my results next week after my results discussion with the doctor :-)

remember, Health is our Wealth :-) be healthy not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually!

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