Monday, January 20, 2014

Vietnam December 2013: Sailing Ship Boat

in every places we went into, we make it a point to buy some souvenir and this are one of those...a ship boat around 2 meters long and one meter height...and Hani bought two of different kind...the store had it shipped to Philippines...

this is the first ship boat that we bought...i have to take it's photos in segments...will share the whole piece once its on display in our new house very soon :-)

and here's the second one...

i told the store owner to fix this few fragments before they put it in a glass case...

his the store owner...tawaran mode :-)

and the final price :-)

infront of the ship store, is a theater building...were's supposed to watch a show but unfortunately, they don't have it that same day we were there :-(

ang boyfriend kong napaka hilig magpa picture :-)

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