Thursday, December 4, 2014

November Movies

to share...
i love Bay Max. how about you? :-)
i finished this 3 seasons in less than a month, wow!!! don't you know that in every season of a series, there are 21episodes, and in each episode it will last for 45 minutes...a total of 14 hours in one season equivalent of 7 movies...hahaha
you will surely love Olivia Pope too :-)

one of the top series in America, Homeland

yes, it's true...sometimes to win, you have to change the game :-) very inspirational true story movie
bitin ang part 1,grrrr

October Movies

continuation of my movie watched list this October...
no sacrifice, no victory, that's what transformer all about :-)
the continuation of my love for Oliver :-) failed the city!
"you're gonna make it through the night and everything's gonna be okay"...a line from the Purge
please, don't let this series end yet...i can't wait to see Vincent.
when you have a daughter, you will experienced to watch every movie she love, and this is an example of it :-)
a best selling book turned into a movie :-) love it!
more than 2 hours in a 4D cinema but still it's all worth it :-) so what's written in your book of life?

another movie that me and my kids love :-)

September Movies

in between my being a full time wife and mother, i still find time to watch on my free time :-) to list on my September movies...
watched this thru TFC channel online :-)
season 1...i love Vincent Keller's character, Period.

some of my favorite quotes are:
"that's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt"

"there is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars"

"some infinities are bigger than other infinities"

my kids and i super love this movie, surely, heaven is real :-)
favorite quote...
"a wise man can learn more from his enemies than a fool from his friends"

"happiness is your biggest enemy. it weakens you. put doubt in your mind. suddenly, you have something to lose"
the life of Grace will surely impact every women :-) a must watch
my favorite line...
"my first love was everything all at once. the kind that you never fall back from. never try to. never want to. my love's so big. so strong. it never dies. never fades. never losses its electricity. the kind of love you fight for. the kind of boy you fight for"

Ed Ron's Cake In Cainta

when Lemuel and Joan gave us the lemon cake, mind you, i was the only one who ate it all :-) grrr calories!!!

it was over after 2 days, so i had to call Joan and asked her where she bought i went to Cainta where it is located...

bought two, one for me and one for my Dgroup :-)


Hoy Panga Restaurant

the other night, a friend visited us at home and handed us with this super yummy lemon cake :-)

then we went to this restaurant along Katipunan Ave called...
hahaha, panga will always remain as my favorite part of the fish :-)

menu written on the wall, how cool is that?!

this is sionga, siopao ng panga ng tuna :-)