Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Amboy Hometel - Batanes March 2013

for our lunch, we went to this hometel :-)

with the driver and our tour guide :-)


Valugan Boulder Beach - Batanes March 2013

Basco is the province's capital. It also holds one of my ultimate favorite places on the island, this beach. We were told that it's best to visit at sunrise, which we missed, but nevertheless blown away by the sight of a beach covered with smooth boulders of various sizes and colors.
just so excited :-)
to posed...

even though it's too rocky for swimming (it's actually prohibited), we didn't feel shortchanged by simply sitting on one of the larger boulders and enjoying the calming sight and sound of the endless sea :-)
sweetness :-)

the winds whipped the waves harder, producing large, rolling barrels, the kind that surfers would rejoice over. we were in a distance from the waves, but we could see how incredibly clear and clean the water was.
hahaha, he actually was the one who keeps on telling me to take him some shots :-)

serendipity :-)

the boulders are said to have come from Mt. Iraya when it last erupted hundreds of years ago :-)

Mt. Carmel Church - Batanes March 2013

the Mt. Carmel Church is more widely known as the Tukon Chapel. It resembles old stones houses, but it wasn't built until 2003 and wasn't completed until 2006. The chapel is small, quiet, and its doors and windows are roofted with creeping vines that have small purple flowers. It's absolutely perfect for a small, intimate ceremony, which is why it's a popular venue for weddings.
i still want to post this photos even if there's something on its left side :-)

and this one too :-) thanks to our tour guide who took this photos :-)

mass was just finished when we arrived...so we met this not so old ladies...had a chanced of talking to them...and guess what, this lady sitting down in front with white hair already traveled the world :-) naks! but despite seeing the places she's been to, she still go back to where her home is, Batanes!


Fundacion Pacita - Batanes March 2013

i can't think of any place where we wanted to stay for 6 days but Fundacion Pacita...they may be expensive but the place itself is all worth it :-)

standing atop a hill by the sea (the sea is never too far away in Batan) is this nature lodge hotel. It used to be the residence of international artist Pacita Abad, but was converted into a lodge-cum-museum by her brother Butch Abad. Fundacion Pacita blends art and nature well by serving as a gallery to both established and new artist in its ideal location surrounded by gardens.

the Noynoy's room from the inside :-)

our beautiful view day in and day out...

so peaceful :-)

reflection :-)