Monday, September 23, 2013

Alex Self Declared Birthday

Alex was born on May 27, 2009...that means she will not ever celebrate her birthday in day, she asked me and her Dad if she can have a birthday party in school too...and we said yes :-)
had to booked Love and Lavander to style the party into an Art theme, cake decorating galore :-)

preparing the place before Alex's classmates came out

The Cake Shack made this yummy and beautiful cakes :-)

 Jelly Beans, Caramel Popcorn and Gummy Worms in clear paint cans...

custom DIY treat boxes in rainbow colors...

paintbrush rice krispies that i ordered from Coco Cakes
 gelatine from Gelatinas

palette cookies also from Coco Cakes
 spaghetti, persanally made by Bea's mom (Bea is the owner of Love and Lavander)
 rainbow juices :-)

 rainbow cake...

 there are 20 cupcakes decorating sets on palettes for the kids...on the palette are red velvet cupcake with custom DIY cupcake wrapper and topper, 3 colors of frosting, 3 kinds of toppings and frosting applicators

 kids decorating cupcakes...

tthank you to all my suppliers :-)

spent 25,000 pesos for alex's party :-)