Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Santorini Food Trip

just wanna share the kind of restaurants the small island of Santorini have...

come, follow him inside :-)

during dinner, Demetris, our tour guide invited us for dinner with his wife...there we had a good conversation...and we found out that they are Christians too :-)

Santorini Art Studio

i've been sharing our travel lately, and one of our to do's really is to visit their one of a kind studio and buy something from it...

meet the painter...

was surprised to know that the painter is celebrating his bday the day we visited :-)

out of the paintings in the studio, this is what i bought :-)...the thing is, at first, the painter said its not for sale, for its one of the artworks of her daughter who is currently studying arts in London...i keep on insisting...and persuading...and begging...finally he sold it to us :-) i was so overjoyed...bought it for 20,000 in pesos conversion :-)