Sunday, November 10, 2013

Zabala's Special Tikoy

this last week of October, i was in Aurora Quezon Province and before heading to the said place, we have to go to Lucena City to buy something very close to our stomach :-) Tikoy! ... finding the main store of Zabala special tikoy is not quite hard to get :-)

 how do they cooked it? take a look :-)

 ok, i can still wait until it was ready :-)
let's begin stirring it :-)

 transferred to the cutting board...

 and we requested to cut it into small pieces before putting it in a box that cost 260 pesos...

 guess what are some of the ingredients...

this little girl is the reason why i bought it :-) she love it to the highest level :-)

1 comment:

  1. The finished products look great, but 2 things were quite bothering.
    1. The man who was mixing the tikoy isn't wearing a tshirt
    2. The one cutting the tikoy isn't even using food gloves
    They should be careful in handling food, esp since these are being sold commercially. These practices may lead to food contamination.