Sunday, November 10, 2013

Finally Met Her

i grew up with this equally loving, kind and beautiful siblings...
order: from youngest to eldest

Rio, our youngest is an accountant of a multinational company...
me, i graduated 2 degrees and 1 masteral degree but ended up being a full time wife and mommy and loving every single moment of it :-)
 before me is Ate Baby, or Concordia, she's a nurse and been working abroad for so long but finally decided to stay in the country to have more time with her kids
 kuya Boy, Angel III, is a lawyer and consultant of various companies and government officials
 kuya Jo, Magdiwang Jr., is an engineer by profession but ended up working in Supreme Court
 and our eldest is ate Nene, Corina, also a nurse by profession and currently working and staying in London with her family...
growing up, we all thought that we're just us, the six of us...i can't remember when did i knew i had another sister, older than our eldest...but what i do know is that she was born when papa is still studying in Manila and he had a girl who got pregnant...and never acknowledge it...and after sometime he met mama and they had us...

fast forward...50 years after...this woman found us...through our Aunt, my mother's sister in law, who happens to be that woman's mom's bestfriend...all along, my Aunt knew where she is and all that, but not until recently that she was given a permission by the mother of this woman, to tell this woman named Ludy about her real father...and that's our father...

Ludy is currently living in the US all her life...she decided to come to the Philippines to meet his earthly father...and i was the one who fetched her at the airport that day...

dinner near Shangri La Makati where she is we met with her cousins too :-)

the next morning, Papa arrived at the hotel together with Kuya Jo, and finally they met :-)

after catching up with each other, she stayed at home and the next morning, all of us went to Tagaytay :-)

hahaha, my brother's are opposite inside and out :-)

and on sunday, we attended our worship service in CCF :-)

Ludy Jenkins is now part of our family :-)

lesson learned:
- God is in the business of restoring families
- Forgiveness will surely set us free
- Acceptance will follow
- and, God is so faithful after all

To God be all the glory and thanksgiving :-)

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