Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bound To Batanes - March 2013

i requested this trip to Batanes as a birthday gift this year and Hani granted it :-) how joyful i was :-)

i booked through BCTA (Batanes Cultural Travel Agency) in their manila office at 8233087 or 09178112282...and paid 100,000 (50,000/person) for 6 days stay in Batanes all in including our plane tickets...our other expenses that is not included of course is incase we want to eat somewhere other than the specified place they arranged for us and the tips to the driver, tour guides etc :-)

early morning flight...

Skyjet Airlines has started to fly to and from Basco with large, UK made four-engine jets, ensuring safe flights that won't get cancelled when the wind is blowing a little longer than usual :-)

i honestly expected the airport to be very Spartan, pretty much like the airports of many distant provinces. But i was pleasantly surprised to see that the Basco airport is a rather cozy place, somewhat like a wooden cabin where people never seem to get harried.

when we landed Batanes, it was as beautiful as ever. i happily jumped into the open coaster of BCTA, excited to take in the nippy, fresh air. In any other place, i would prefer an air conditioned car, but the cold, crisp wind was refreshing. I was no longer in Manila :-)

first stop: checked-in at Fundacion Pacita...

and here's our room :-)

after resting for 5 mins, we went upstairs to eat our breakfast

 thinking of something?

 nah, just looking at this view :-) so serene...

 hmmm gutom ah :-)

posed and more of it :-)

nice ceiling

can i take this art home?

they changed the flowers in this corner every morning :-)


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