Friday, October 11, 2013

Favorite Food

another secret revealed :-)
here are some of the list of foods that i super like and love :-)
1. Ma'am Linda's siomai...of all the siomai in town, this is really the best :-) you can only buy it in Reedley International School canteen :-)

2. Mamonluk in Manila :-) recently, Han handed me this for my merienda :-)

3. discovered this thin crepe from a birthday party of a dear friend, asked her where she ordered it and now im a constant customer :-)

4. when in a mall, i make sure to buy some of their bread for take out :-)

5. aha, a dgroup friend introduced this to my hubby and brought this home as pasalubong, and just like the crepe, i am now a regular customer :-)

6. my all time favorite...all time because i started loving every bite of it since i was in grade school, Papa and my sister always have this on hand when coming home and now, a dear friend of Hani deliver this at our doorstep every time he is in Manila :-)
hey, share your favorite foods too :-)

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