Monday, October 7, 2013

Family Shoot Supplier

our cupcakes are all from Sophie's Mom that i ordered in their Megamall branch for 65 pesos each...just bought 25 pcs in chocolate, red velvet and rainbow flavors :-) can text or call them at 09277615226  :-)

Lifestyle by Feliz by Ms. Kate is our styling team...paid 20,000 for their services...honestly, it's too expensive considering that i was the one who shop and choose all our outfit and the theme...end result, they did nothing for that amount...i regret getting them :-( plus they were the one's who made the set up design in the venue and paid another 10,000 for that...really really too expensive but i run out of time so i have no choice but to said yes :-(

Sheila and Jorem are couples...and Sheila was the one who took the shots :-) you can reach them at 09152773239...they are so good and super kind too :-) paid 12,000 for this.
how did i came up getting them? i am a fan of Patty Laurel's blog, and Sheila is her bestfriend :-)
Gery Penaso is a wedding and freelance make up artist in MAC cosmetic affiliates who did my make can contact him at 09154403238...paid 6,000 for his services...hmmm ok lang but not that satisfied
and for our venue...had it for FREE :-)
the owner of Blue Gardens, Raul and Camilla...i took this photo of them together while we were in Dubai 2 years ago, isn't it nice? :-)
spent around 55,000 pesos for all these, tips included :-)
not included in our expenses are: Alex, TJ, Mine and Hani's outfit that cost around 50,000 pesos

a grand total of 105,000 for these shoot it worth it? Yes, still! :-)

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