Monday, September 9, 2013

Rules For Dating My Son

i know one day, TJ will be an adult and be in love with someone else aside from us his family...before that happens, this is our rule to whoever girl she might be...
one day, out of nowhere, TJ says something like this...
"mom, dad, if i zing (he call in love like that), can you teach me everything about it, how will i treat girls, how will i court her and all?
we were surprised but immediately said yes...we were blessed that our kids are open to us in every aspects of his life, no secrets are kept...maybe because, we too are like that to them :-)

and one day too. i asked TJ if what kind of girl he want to be his wife...he said, she should be an american and love the Lord :-) hahaha...di nya pala type ang pinay :-)

be a blessing to someone everyone :-)

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