Monday, August 19, 2013

Ancient Corinth Archeological Site & Museum - Greece: October 2012

on our way to Corinth, we passed by this Corinth Canal...
Ancient Corinth was a city of ancient Greece, located in the North side of the Peloponnese, in southern Greece. It was formerly know as "Ephira" and was founded by Sisyphus (5000-3000 B.C.), who became famous for his feat to break the bounderies of human capabilities and win over death.

Ancient Corinth was also famous for being the home of the hero Ballerophon, the master of the winged horse Pegasus. Ballerophon was worshipped in Corinth like a god.

Furthermore, Ancient Corinth was known as the main place of the worship of Apollo, the greek god of music and also Zeus, the king of the gods, in the district on Nemea.

the museum...taking pictures is not allowed here but i still managed to take some (pinoy talaga)

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