Monday, April 1, 2013

House Blessing! Feb 2013

for more than two years, Han had been asking my approval for him to build his dream house for us...and all the time, i was hesitant for it will take him a lot of funds, works and effort to accomplish it i thought that we were already living an abundant life in our current house...but he was persistent still...after brainstorming the design with the architect, finally, months ago we already started the construction per se of a 1,000 sqm lot in a 3 story house and 8 bedrooms...God is truly amazing, He provides everything...cant wait to finish this dream project of ours. to God be all the glory and thanksgiving!

the team: head engr Taguinod, Architect Jomari Sotto, Architect Dacanay, Contractor Sotto, Pastor Danny Urquico

kainan na...

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