Saturday, August 25, 2012

Movie Watch

sharing some of the movies that i watched last week at home :-)
if you have a twin sister or twin brother, this movie is for you...i laugh out loud on this :-)
can't choose who's the better and best among your suitors? watch this first, its a romantic comedy with action movie, i just love it :-)
considering that it was shown here in Manila, still i dont find this movie interesting at all plus the "bitin" ending it has :-(
2nd movie that Alex watch in her life, Ice Age as first...she was so happy for it was a story about mom and daughter :-)
i always love Liam, and in this movie, he performs his acting role in superb :-) though "bitin" ulit in the end :-)

Ojastro Siblings Caricature

works of Jo Acierto :-)
first draft...

second draft...

her caricature was finished after 2nd draft :-)
final draft...

two version of Kuya Jo's caricature :-)

mine and rio's caricature was done long before :-)

and the final output...

Teddy's Birthday

its Teddy's 6th birthday last Aug 15...every year my kids celebrated it :-)
who is Teddy? he is Mr. Bean's stuff toy and TJ's favorite toys 6 years ago...and every year we don't forget to buy a cake for Teddy :-)

Gandiva Archery School

it all started here...

and then i found this archery school somewhere in Ortigas...

Han and TJ enrolled and started their lessons last week...guess what? they both loving and enjoying it :-)...his moves

their moves...