Friday, August 10, 2012

Siblings Bonding

the other day, i caught my kids in this moment...TJ is reviewing his lessons when suddenly Alex from the nearby side went to his brother holding a baby oil and rubbed his kuya's back with it and massage him back and forth, so sweet Naomi :-)

Alex Moment

this is my daughter while waiting for our car to fetch us up after we had our grocery one sunday :-)

TJ Eyeglasses

i wear eyeglasses not because my eyes are not 20-20 vision anymore but because i am always infront of the computer and my eyes need protection from day, my son TJ aked me if he can also have his own eyeglasses...i aked him why...he said, he just like it...hmmm pomoporma na ang anak ko at 8 years old,hehehe...last weekened, we brought him to EQ and had his own
 the opthalmologist checked his eyes and its ok...they only gave him eyeglasses for protection in using also the computer and the sun as well...


Christian Wedding: Secondary Sponsor

Veil: Atty & Mrs Banaag (our family lawyer and a dear friend)
Cord: Ramil & Rizza Talagtag (my husband's brother and youngest sister)
Candle: Jeff & Joni Pe (our dgroup and closest friend)

Christian Wedding: Bridal Shoes

late post: i'm a collector of Campbell shoes, and this is one of them. bought it for no reason, never thought i'll be using it on my christian wedding :-)

Women As Explained By Engineers

i'm married to an engineer...but i dont know if this is what he think of me :-)