Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christian Wedding: Secondary Sponsor

Happy Andrada designing Rizza's gown :-)

during the wedding...Ramil and Rizza Talagtag ( Han's youngest brother and youngest sister )

Happy Meal: Crazy Science


Christian Wedding: Preparation Dress

here's what i wore during wedding prep and before i wore my wedding gown :-) dress from Forever21

and here i am...

Movie Watch

guess what, check what i've been doing this week? yeah, ive finished it all in just a week...

do i need more infos to share?...all i know is that Papa P is so attractive despite the many rumors about him :-)
 are you safe? i am because God is with me :-)...people don't change, we grow old. and some of us adapt. And learn how to enjoy simple pleasures of life,  like a family, a home.
 yeah, i agree...there are two sides to every family :-)
 so romantic, i wanted to fall in love all over again :-)...being a champion in tennis is a dream, but the reality is another story...
 this true story about once the most powerful man in the world, is so interesting...the crimes we are investigating aren't crimes, they are ideas, he said...
 their code: "the hungry rabbit jumps"...what's yours? :-)
 i so love the soundtrack "You haven't seen the last of Me" performed by Cher

Movie Watch: To Save A Life

another heart warming and a must see movie one shouldn't miss...
lesson learned:
life is a journey, not so much to a determination, but a transformation...looking back doesnt it sometimes feel like our richest times come right in the midst of our hardest? to hurt and to celebrate with each other, no matter what were going through...and transformation is tough, and we don't always end up where we think we will...but we have to remember, that even when we struggle to believe in Him, He always believe in us. He fills our lives with purpose and passion, if we just let Him. and the best part of the journey, is that the God of the universe sometimes allows us to play in changing the world. 

Club Princess

we were in Mall of Asia last weekend when i saw this unique store for little princesses...

Alex had her polish done...in red :-)