Saturday, May 12, 2012

What Is A Godly Mother?

i saw this article about what a Godly mother should be and decided to share it with you...
A Godly Mother
A Godly Mother A. lways reads her Bible, for daily nourishment.
A Godly Mother B. elieves God’s promises without fear.
A Godly Mother C. overs each child with diligent prayer.
A Godly Mother D. isciplines her little ones scripturally.
A Godly Mother E. njoys her family to the uttermost.
A Godly Mother F. orgives her children when they fail repeatedly.
A Godly Mother G. oes to church out of need and tithes faithfully.
A Godly Mother H. olds her children accountable & truthful.
A Godly Mother I. sn’t afraid to ask forgiveness of her children.
A Godly Mother J. ust knows when something’s up with her child.
A Godly Mother K. nows she’s deeply loved by her Lord Jesus.
A Godly Mother L. oves & respects her husband exceedingly.
A Godly Mother M. odels Christlikeness to her family.
A Godly Mother N. ever calls her children bad names.
A Godly Mother O. vercomes struggles by calling on Jesus’ name.
A Godly Mother P. laces her children into the Father’s hands.
A Godly Mother Q. uietly smiles with satisfaction and delight.
A Godly Mother R. efuses to worry and fret over her children.
A Godly Mother S. ets boundaries for her children’s behavior.
A Godly Mother T. ries to listen to her children intently.
A Godly Mother U. nderstands her limitations and need for rest.
A Godly Mother V. ery often hugs & tenderly touches each child.
A Godly Mother W. orks and labors without complaint.
A Godly Mother X. pects her rewards from God, not others.
A Godly Mother Y. earns to help her children succeed in life.
A Godly Mother Z. ealously sees to her family’s health & welfare.

i remember my mom, how she taught us all about she taught us what is real love...and how she taught us all about siblings often says, "lou, kelan mo kaya magagaya ang mothering style ni Mama?" i may not, i'm just halfway to it but im on my way there, i know she's still there with us, in spirit and in our hearts...miss you more Ma!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Azta Urban Salon Date

this is what happened on our last week's date...conquering the salon :-)
she wanted her nails done in Orly :-)


hahaha, kayo pala ang magkamukha :-)
the stylist asked us what's the occasion why Alex has to fix her hair...nothing, she just wanted to look beautiful that day :-)

hair color and treatment for me too :-)

Sir Arvin, our stylist...i super like his services, surely ill come back :-)


chose the pastel color of orly for my nails and toes :-)

then had our late lunch in one of our favorite restaurant in Banawe :-)