Saturday, March 3, 2012

Siquijor: Bound to the "Island of Fire"

yah, we went there :-) people commonly associated them with mystic tradition...but actually, Siquijor is the 3rd smallest province in our country, first is Batanes & 2nd is Camiguin...and its only 45 minutes to one hour from Dumaguete...we'll share some of what's inside the place on my other post blog :-)

The Myth Of The Human Body

i've noticed recently that we are into rush always, in doing things and all...heres another last day visit to the exhibition of the Human Myth in Taguig

camera are not allowed inside the place espacially taking pictures of the specimen, so that's all i've got :-)
my conclusion?
1. i dont like what they said that we humans are not created by God, but instead by Science :-(
2. all the specimen are real people that was just preserved thru plastination, sometime 30 years ago...mostly chinese...i was just shocked,how can they do that to the dead body, cutting them into pieces and displaying like this way...
3. they have their section of the development of a baby from month to month, i mean on its 9 month duration, and i almost vomit because the babies on each month are real...i remember my son when he died at 7 months old...i can't explain, but its totally inhuman :-(
4. its good, we are there when our kids visited, trying to explain everything to them, though Alex was the one who's scared...

Fab Salon: I Had My Digiperm

i bought this deal last December in for half its price...the promo will only last until Feb 29...and since i was so busy the past days and months, i only had it last Feb 28 at 7 pm in their Makati branch :-) procedure lasted for more than 3 hours, whew!

here's what i'll gonna used to maintain its curl