Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Christian Wedding-November 11,2011: Principal Sponsors

here are the list of our principal sponsors...
Pastor Danny and Dawn Urquico- our accountability partner

General Teodor Cirilio and Rosanna Torralba, one of the people who help han in his business :-)

Dr. Ernesto Uy...our personal doctor, one of the best heart surgeon in the country

he is the representative of Sec. Jesse M. Robredo, from DILG

Mr. Renato Constantino, an Ex-NPA rebel now back in grass root work for Jesus :-)

Pastor Roy And Tita Sasa Felipe, one of our spiritual mentors and accountability partner too...

General Roland Detabali and his wife Tita Pamela

Mr. Jorge and Tita Marie Em...the owner of the reception and wedding venue and a dear friend not to mention our mentor in playing golf :-)

Mr. Renato and Tita Baby Sio...our travel companion that started in Holy Land :-), they are so humble considering that they owns one of the leasing tissue brand :-)

Mrs. Araceli Fabros is my first cousin on my mother's side and one of my closest cousin who was there since we were little